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Booster Meeting

Our next Booster Meeting is on October 7th at 7 PM in the health room by the gym.


Hope to see you there!

Go Blaze!

by posted 09/23/2016

Please remember these are TENTATIVE dates for tryouts and are subject to change:


9A/9B Tryouts: November 14-15 3-5 PM at BHS

Middle School Tryouts: November 16-17 at Middle Schools

Grade 10-12 Tryouts: November 21-22 3-5 at BHS


Please watch for updates.


Go Blaze!

by posted 09/15/2016

Update on Middle School Basketball:

Some decisions have been made regarding middle school basketball. Please know that ONLY 7th and 8th GRADE BOYS WILL BE ALLOWED TO TRY OUT. 6th graders will not be allowed to tryout unless there is a need. We are working on the game schedule at this time, so right now I still do not have a conclusion on the number of games that each team will have. Also remember that there will be ONE team per school.

What does this mean? We strongly encourage 6th grade boys to play traveling basketball. It will be the highest level of competition that you can face this year. Also, for 7th and 8th graders, middle school basketball will NOT be a good substitute for traveling basketball. But, because kids have the opportunity to work on their skills each day, it would be a good complement.

Thank you and as always, let me know if you have questions. --

Matt Eppen

Social Studies Teacher

Head Boys Basketball Coach Burnsville High School


by posted 09/15/2016

Hello - as many of you know it is an exciting time to be involved in Burnsville High School Basketball. We are opening a brand new activity center that should help the programs with a beautiful facility. However, we still need to make some upgrades to our existing competition gym. We are currently trying to add 4 new baskets to the main gym and replace 4 outdated goals. This job is bid at $36,000 of which we have already raised $26,000 from school and community organizations. We are trying to raise an additional $10,000 by November 1 to complete the project. Here is how you can help:

We have two online fundraisers set up. The first is a Gofundme account. This one accepts donations that go to the Basketball Boosters. The boosters will then give money to the athletic department to complete the job. These donations are tax deductible and a tax ID # can be made available for large donations. Here is the link to the account:



The second account is a flipgive account. This account gives you the opportunity to shop at selected vendors online. Every purchase that is made gives money back to our booster programs. This money of course will then be given to the athletic department for the project. This is a great idea for some more back to school items or to get a head start on your Holiday Shopping.


We are asking 2 things:

1) Please donate to 1 or both accounts.

2)  Please spread the word on your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter.


Thank you for your attention to this and in advance for your contributions.  We are very excited about the positive things happening at Burnsville High School.


Matt Eppen

Social Studies Teacher

Head Boys Basketball Coach

Burnsville High School


by posted 09/14/2016
Basketball Reminders

Hi Everyone - I hope the first week of school is going well for everyone.

Here are a few basketball reminders to be aware of:

1. Workouts with BHS coaches begin on Monday. Kids in grades 3-8 are from 7:00-8:30 and kids in grades 9-12 workout from 8:30-10. Players in grades 9-12 must have been involved in the high school or summer program to be allowed to workout. If they have not been in either of those programs but are interested in working out please see Coach Eppen. Always bring a basketball to workouts.

2. Weight training is available for interested boys. It begins after school, however the best time to lift is at 3:30. This is available for all middle and high school boys.

3. Registration is open for traveling basketball. The traveling basketball parent meeting is Wednesday, Sept 21 and tryouts are on Sunday, Sept 25.

4. There will be middle school basketball this year at the 3 middle schools. A few things to keep in mind regarding this...

 A. There will be 1 team per school. Meaning there will be approx 10-12 on the team.

 B. The program was approved late, so the schedule may not be a large game schedule.

 C. We encourage boys to play BOTH traveling and middle school basketball. The benefit of playing middle school basketball is that you get to practice each day and work on skills and concepts that are consistent in our program.

 D. The level of competition in traveling basketball will be higher than that of middle school basketball. If you have aspirations of playing basketball at higher levels you should play traveling basketball. Middle school basketball will NOT be a good substitute for traveling basketball but it would be a good complement.

Good luck to everyone participating in fall sports. If you have any questions email me at meppen@isd191.org. Hope to see everyone at the workouts and other events.

by posted 09/09/2016
Reminder:Open gym and Parking



Open Gym starts tonight please remember, due to construction, you must park by the tennis courts and walk around the stadium, then enter thru the east side doors.


Hope to see you there!


Go Blaze!

by posted 08/15/2016
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